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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day, 2010

We had a great Christmas this year. Kyle and I loved watching the boys open their presents-- Austin even opened one all by himself. Brendan helped him with the rest. P and B got new DSi’s and A got a new basketball hoop that he absolutely loves to play with. His other favorite toy is the shake and go lightening mcqueen car. big hit, grandma!


Yes! New DSi’s!!!!


My boys on Christmas morning.


P and A checking out the quarter map that granny sent them.


and me getting ready to go on a bike ride with P and B… I love this bike!


While the turkey was cooking, we headed out to City Park in Denver to play and throw around the football. Austin had a ball at this park- it was his first time here. Actually, we hadn’t been at this park since I was pregnant with him…wow! Seems like FOREVER ago! Austin is 16 months already!! Here are a few pictures that I took…


When we got home after the park, Peyton, Brendan and I went on another short little bike ride. When we got home, it was time to finish preparing dinner. The turkey was YUM!

After dinner, we played TROUBLE and then watched movies. Amazing day!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ice Skating and {Santa}

We have turned this into a tradition in the Sharp house. We go to Winter Skate in Louisville-- a little outdoor rink in historic downtown. We went last night, Christmas Eve Eve, as I call it.

It was Austin’s first time on the ice. He was with us last year- but he slept the whole time in his infant carrier. This year, he was pulled around the ice by Kyle and I. He liked it at the beginning, but it got old pretty quick. Peyton and Brendan are becoming pretty good skaters. Brendan is a little speedster on ice. Peyton is pretty fast, too. I loved all the Christmas music playing during our skate. Since Kyle is healing from a sprained ankle, he didn’t do any skating. He kept Austin entertained for a bit while the older boys and I skated. We had a lot of fun-- more ice skating memories to treasure.

mama and austinb&wmama and the boysb&wrosey cheeks

After our skate, we went to dinner at Red Robin at Flat Irons Mall in Broomfield-- then went over to see SANTA. I knew it was a long shot to get a good picture of Austin with the big guy, but I wanted to try… I know, I am pushing my luck! We waited for about 45 minutes. Austin was really good in line and Kyle even bought a Mrs. Field’s sugar cookie for Austin as bribery… We are relentless. LOL Well, it didn’t work. We got up to Santa and Austin started a wailing. He wouldn’t even sit in Peyton’s lap NEXT TO Santa. He just cried. This is the picture that we got.


Even though Austin is crying (with the cookie in his mouth, no less!), it is a cute picture. Yes, I bought it. (SUCKA!) After Peyton and Brendan told Santa what they wanted for Christmas, we were walking away and guess who started SMILING at Santa?!? Yup- the little turd! Maybe this means we’ll have better luck next year? ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town….

Just took some pictures of our FIRST REAL TREE EVER, plus our house all lit up, the boys’ stockings and our Christmas cards. 5 days and counting! The boys are pretty excited. They had a full list for Santa, which included new DSi's (on both lists!), legos (which they have a full basement of already!), a new scooter (P), the game Trouble, and DS games. Little Austin was a little easier to shop for, no list needed. Santa is all done shopping and loving it! ;)

christmas tree 10IMG_0014IMG_0025IMG_0028IMG_0097

We had to put the tree in the dining room this year because that area can be blocked off from you-know-who… He loves to take the ornaments off the tree and hide them, the little stinker.

Yesterday we went to Evergreen, CO to play in the snow. I got a few cute pics of Austin and a great one of the boys together!


Riding their bikes on the frozen lake!



**These pictures were taken with my new Canon SX30 IS camera (early Christmas present) I love it!!!!!

photo booths rock!

I love the old school black & white photo booths that I used to see at the mall or the movies, or some other random place. There was a photo booth at Six Flags in Arlington- that Terah and I would use every time we went. We would get some pretty funny photos, that I still have, by the way….

We were walking around this outdoor mall last night after Kyle’s birthday dinner at Rock Bottom, and there it was. A photo booth. HOWEVER, this one was NOT old school. I mean, it took credit cards for pete’s sake!

Well, nevertheless, we had to try it out. Kyle and I have also done booth photos before- we found one while he was visiting me one weekend in Brenham, TX. Wow! That was a LONG TIME AGO! I wanted a new photo strip with the birthday boy, so we hopped in. Let me tell you- these are much more involved than the old school booths. You can choose themes…and if you want color photos, sepia or b&w. Wow! Choices! It even counts down for you before the photo is taken. So, while we are taking the pics, the boys are right outside the booth just cracking up. Kyle and I have NO idea what they are laughing at. When the four pictures are taken and we exit the booth, we find out real quick! There is a video of our entire photo booth experience playing while we are waiting for our pics to drop into the slot (this used to be a drying slot, but not anymore). The boys saw us making silly faces the entire time we were in there. LOL It was pretty funny. Of course, they thought it was gross when we kissed for one of the pics. BOYS!


Thursday, December 09, 2010

Austin's {bathtime}

He was having so much fun in the bath tonight- and I was playing around with the Hipstamatic app on my iphone...

The results:

....pure cuteness! ;)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, bReNdAn!!!!!

**I cannot believe you are 8! You are getting so big, Brendan!
We went out to dinner on Brendan's actual birthday- then opened presents and ate cake at home. On Saturday, we had a skate party! Bren had so much fun- he even got the new siege scooter that he'd been bugging mom & dad about! ;) And he has tons of giftcards to spend!

Happy Birthday, Brendan!! We love you!!