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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring Break 2012

The boys had an awesome Spring Break. Day one (Friday)- Skiing/Snowboarding at Loveland Pass. This was P's 2nd time on the slopes and he tried his hand at snowboarding. He is a natural. B has never been, and snowboarding was NOT his thing, despite being a pretty decent beginner skateboarder. He switched to skis and rocked it! I hate that I don't have any pics to post- they are all on Kyle's phone. :( I will get them!
Sunday, we headed to John Martin Reservoir to go camping. I swear, these boys were in heaven! The campgrounds were very nice and the weather was great...until Monday. SO.WINDY. Ugh. Wind and camping does not go together. I mean, it was so bad, it was blowing our tent all the way down. Those stakes were getting tested!
Our last night there, Kyle forgot to put the cooler in the van. Needless to say, we had a visitor or two rummaging through it. We lost: a package of brats, hot dogs, hot dog buns and numerous slices of cheese. LOL
**A did pretty good- this was his first camping trip. He LOVED playing in the dirt.
We had a fun 3-day camping experience, s'mores and all.
Kyle is looking forward to taking P and B back this Summer.

^^evidence that the visitors left.

The last weekend of Spring Break, P and B went to a friends' birthday party. They fished, went on paddle boats and flew kites. It was a sleep over, too, so pizza and video games all night. It was a fun end to their break. They had a blast.
^^Peyton and the fish he caught at the party. He asked his friends' dad to text the pic to me. LOL. He was so proud.

Happy Spring!