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Sunday, September 25, 2011

"tire swing" park

Having fun at the "tire swing" park in Westminster. We've been playing at this park since 2006- the boys love it because of the rock climbing wall and the tire swing. ;)
This was Austin's first time playing here and he loved it just as much as his big brothers!
**just a side note- P and B used to BOTH fit on this darn tire swing TOGETHER! Not anymore! Not even close...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas, 2011

Austin and I had such a fun morning together. This little guy loves choo-choos. He also loves to name EVERYTHING that he sees. He is doing so good repeating words that he hears. When we got to the parking lot near the train museum where Thomas was, we had to ride a shuttle bus for about a mile. Austin was so excited about the "boose" (bus). It was pretty cute. A new word for him! He enjoyed the short ride over.
Once we got there, we walked around to the different tents. There was a tent for Thomas and Friends tattoos. Mommy got one thinking Austin would then be okay getting one, but no. He did NOT want one. Oookay- on to the miniature train track. This part of the museum is always there, but they added a "little Thomas" engine. It was pretty neat and Austin didn't want to leave...

Austin and Zack watching the miniature trains go by...

Once I got him to move on, we went to the Imagination tent to play with the wooden trains. That was a big hit with Austin, too. We got our first "scavenger hunt" stamp at this tent.

Next up was the petting zoo. The animals here were so cute! They even had a pony and a donkey. Aww. Austin loved it and tried to pet them all!

After petting all the cute (and smelly) animals, it was almost time to see Thomas. We were looking forward to the train ride. Austin needed a sucker to pass the time in line. ;)
And then the train ride. Yay, Thomas!

After the train ride, we went to Story Time. We decided NOT to wait in the very long line to get a picture with Sir Toppem Hat. We went shopping in the gift shop instead. Austin got a little wooden caboose that said "Day Out with Thomas 2011" as a souvenir.

Our picture with Thomas! (thanks for taking this picture, Kim!!)
I had so much fun with you this day, Austin!! We both had a blast! I absolutely love watching you play and get excited about something that you love. You are such a fun little bubby!! I will cherish these memories always!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Woo Hoo!!

After having to use my OOOOLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDD Razr for a week, I have a new iphone 4!
I really wanted to wait until the new model was announced, but I really just couldn't. Yes, I am that impatient.
My iphone 3G took it's final bit of abuse from me on August 28th- I dropped her in a port-o-potty. Just slid right out of my pocket. :(
Well, as you can see, I lasted 10 days without a smartphone. How sad is that?!