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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Peyton had his first soccer game this past Saturday- He is on team Geecko. He was so adorable on the field.... He did really well for his first game! He has 6 other teammates on his team, only two are new to soccer, including Peyton. His team scored 3 goals, the tigers scored 2. Yes, they don't keep score- but Mommy was counting. They did drills before the game and had a huddle at halftime. All the parents did a cheer line at the end of the game for the players to run under. It was very cool. He is having fun. Brendan can't wait to get to play soccer in the Spring. I had a hard time holding him back off the field on Saturday.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

our little kindergartener

peyton has completed his first two weeks of kindergarten already. he is doing so great! he has been able to write his name for a year and a half now, but now he is working on his middle and last name. he knows the letters- it's just remembering the order. that's what they are working on at school. his favorite thing so far are the assigned jobs- he's been "door holder" and "scissor-passer-outer", but not "line leader" yet (he said that in a sad voice). he loves kinder and he loves his teacher- ms. amy. there are 13 kids in his class. his best friend from pre-school is in his class and he was very excited about that.
peyton also starts soccer this sat, the 9th. he can't wait. i might have problems with brendan because he'll want to play, too, but he is too little to join the league.
wow! my little boy is growing up!!