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Monday, June 28, 2010

summer 2010

well, this summer is flying by! i just looked at the school calendar and the boys go back to school on August 12th! we've done some pretty fun things already and we still have a bunch planned. i just can't believe June is almost over! we go to Texas in two weeks!! yay! we have lots planned for that week and a half, too. stay tuned for lots of pictures! speaking of pictures, i broke my camera this past weekend. i hope it gets fixed before our trip. best buy assured me that it would be! anyway, we are going to some pretty fun places while we are in Austin and Dallas, so i will NEED a camera! plus, we are going to see lots of family and friends. can't wait! of course, the boys are looking forward to Schlitterbahn (mom & dad are, too!). the boys are going to be staying an extra 10 days in Dallas with grandpa & grandma sharp. ahhhh, down to one kid...;)

when they get back, kyle is taking them camping- just the guys. NICE! but still, one kid.... oh well. A's not the easiest one, but he doesn't leave socks and dishes around the house and he goes to bed early. i can work with that.
we need to still fit in dinosaur ridge, the denver firefighter museum, toy story 3, and the king tut exhibit before school starts. i love that they want to do the same fun stuff that i want to do, too!

so- i know that i didn't post about our father's day. i wanted to mention this because i MUST post the picture of the gift that the boys made for kyle. it is so funny and cute at the same time!

it's a hand painted daddy bobble-head! LOL. he also got a golf towel with the boys' picture on it(to remind him that he still has a gift certificate to fossil trace golf course from Christmas that he still hasn't used yet!) and we took him out for pasta so he didn't have to cook. ;)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

{busiest} weekend!

May 30, 1999- I married the love of my life. We celebrated as a family on Sunday by going out to dinner. Then on Monday-- Memorial Day-- we spent the day on Boyd Lake in Loveland, CO with Uncle Billy. We had a blast! I got a little burned, but the boys did NOT! :) Austin LOVED the boat--he was so happy! P and B had fun tubing and swimming on the beach. We anchored the boat for a while and had lunch and listened to the live band. This gave Austin a chance to crawl around the boat life jacket-free! I took some really cute pictures of the boys together. It was a great day with Uncle Billy-- we don't see him as much as we'd like. It was also an awesome family day-- we don't get many of those anymore, either!

Then--today--June 1st, Peyton's 9th Birthday! Next year he hits the double-digit age! :( Peyton, you are growing up so fast! Ahhhh, you're killin' me, Smalls!
We celebrated tonight with cake. Peyton got the new bike that he has had his eye on and many birthday cards! As B put it, "Peyton, you are SO lucky!". LOL. They each say that every year on each other's Birthdays. We didn't plan a party because we were supposed to be out of town this week, but Daddy has planned a trip to Elitch Gardens tomorrow- just Peyton & Daddy (they ride ALL the rides!).

Happy 9th Birthday, Peyton! Mom & Dad love you SO much! It has been an amazing 9 years with you! And many more......