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Saturday, July 22, 2006

swim lessons

the boys had their first swim lesson today. it was an adventure! peyton already loves the water, so no problems there. little brendan likes the water on occasion. they both did really well today, though. peyton learned to float on his back and he practiced his kicking. he also played games in the water. brendan's group took turns jumping into the water to the instructor, head totally underwater! he did it twice. i was very impressed. the last time we took him to our pool, he barley wanted in the water! what a difference. i am so proud of them both. 5 more saturday sessions to go!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

South Dakota Fun

Here are a few pictures from our vacation in South Dakota. We had a blast at Old McDonald's Farm. The boys loved the goats. They climbed all over Peyton. Brendan wasn't so sure of all that. He did pet them, though. Peyton was so cute when the animals would eat out of his hand. He would just giggle and say "it tickles!"

Bear Country USA was fun, too. We drove through and saw grizzly bears, mountain lions, big horn sheep, elk, and wolves. They also had a lot of bear cubs that we were able to watch play and climb trees. They are so cute.

Mount Rushmore- Brendan kept calling George Washington Johnny Appleseed. It was the funniest thing. They just talked about him in school and I guess the hairstyle confused him. I didn't even know he knew who Johnny Appleseed was. By the end of the day he knew it was really George up there.

We had a blast camping and spending time with Grandpa and Grandma Sharp. The boys enjoyed riding their bikes around and Peyton even met another little boy nearby to play with.

starting a blog

so, i wanted to do a website but i don't have enough time to do that. i want a site where family & friends can come on and see pictures and read the happenings of the sharp family. i hope this works.
we just got back from a week long trip in South Dakota. the black hills are very pretty. we saw mount rushmore, bear country usa, old macdonald's farm, the badlands, deadwood, and spent time on the lake. the boys had a blast!
i will add pics of the trip soon.
i hope everyone is doing well.....