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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday {bike ride} in the mountains

Billy took me out on the Harley today! So much fun being a "biker chick" for the day. We started in Loveland and went up through Lyons, stopped for a bite at Oskar Blues, then headed up to Estes Park and finally to Trail Ridge in the RM park. What a different experience on a motorcycle! Wow. Can anyone picture me as a biker chick full time? Cause I can! ;)

I can't wait to go on another ride! Or maybe classes to get my own!

Colorado Air Show, 2010

Saturday August 28, 2010: We went to the Colorado Air Show in Broomfield, CO at the Rocky Mountain Regional Airport. It was a bLaSt. The boys were in heaven- all 4 of 'em! We got to see fighter jets in the sky and up close on the ground. The boys were able to go in a bunch of jets- and they loved it. We got a really cool picture with the Ghost Squadron plane- which served in both the US Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy and is one of 20 still flying today.

The fighter planes that flew during the show were awesome. Holy crap were they FAST and LOUD! The boys were covering their little ears a lot during that show. Austin did pretty good. I had to push his head against me to block one ear and cover the other with my hand. That worked. No crying out of him; he even turned it into a little game. There were a few times that the jets did a fly by- sneaking up on the crowd. A wasn't prepared for this and would slam his head into me and I would cover his other ear really fast. He would pop up after the jet flew by and was all smiles. ;) Funny little guy.

I took some funny pictures of the boys playing around with the army gear there. They had a bunch of different "camps" set up- with machine guns and humvees. Peyton LOVED this part. I think Daddy loved it as much as Peyton, too. Boys!

We also listened to Aaron Tippin sing "kiss this". LOL. I liked it, but Brendan said "This is the worse song I ever heard of".<-- his exact words.

FUn Saturday for the boys. They are looking forward to next years' show already!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

my baby boy is o-n-e!!!!

Austin is one! We had a little party for him yesterday. He had a lot of fun and made a lot of special memories. I just can't believe a year has gone by already!

Austin, you are such a special little guy. We all love you so much. You are learning new things everyday. You are so close to walking, it's scary. You take a few steps without anyone even trying to get you to. You cruise around on your little tikes racer like no other. It is so funny to watch you push around on it all over the house. ;) You are a little man- you say "mama", "dada" and "bye". You clap and wave. You eat like a HORSE! You are constantly changing and you amaze me everyday. I love you so much and cannot imagine life without you. You have definitely changed our family for the better. I am so happy that you are our little boy #3. ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the end to summer vacation....

we have been crazy busy lately! getting ready for school to start on Monday. the boys cannot wait!
let me back up a bit, though...

we had a great time in TeXaS!!! we visited a lot of friends and family. it was quite exhausting, to be honest. :) we stayed at my grandfather's house in cedar park for 4 days, then kyle's parents' house in allen for the rest of the trip.

while in the Austin area, the boys got to play with cousin Deacon, we saw lots of my family and kyle's grandma singleton. we went to zilker park, walked around downtown Austin, went to Sea World!!!, and swam in grandfather's pool. katie even played in the water- it was HOT!

i went to dinner at Chuy's with my friends from high school while we were home- we had so much fun!!!

while in the Dallas area, we spent a lot of time with grandpa and grandma sharp, uncle nathan and the villas. we saw a few movies, toy story 3 and despicable me. this was a great way to beat the heat!! ;) we did some shopping and went to the nature and science museum. kyle and uncle nathan took peyton to six flags, too. they rode tons of roller coasters all day. ;) grandma, brendan, A and I went shopping and had lunch that day (Brendan isn't a huge fan of coasters yet). I even got to spend some time with a few of my friends, Meghan and Andrea! I miss you two!
we had a lot of fun with everyone. even though the drive was unbearable (thanks to the little, but very LOUD, Austin), it was totally worth it.

it took a whole week to get back into the swing of things after being gone for almost 2 weeks. vacation can be very tiring... ;)

now we are just getting ready for school to start up again. school supplies and clothes (and shoes and back packs) have been purchased- we are set! we are also gearing up for Austin's first birthday!!!ARRGGGHH.... he will be one in less than a week! AND on top of that, I have a FOURTH grader and a SECOND grader. Oy Vey!
(I am also on day 6 of a 15 day trial- yup, i got picked for JURY DUTY!)

Here are some pictures of our vacation in Tejas...

** picture loader is being slow, i'll add more later ;)