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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Getting into the holiday spirit! Kyle and I took the boys to Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro this past week while we were all off from school and work. The boys played with remote controlled four wheelers and toy shot guns- while Dad drooled over the speed boats. Austin was content in his stroller, just watching the kids play.
P and B wanted to play in the enclosed "snow ball fight" area while I was in line to see Santa. Looked like they were having fun and Austin was getting restless in his stroller at this point, so I let Peyton take him in to play, too. Yeah- that lasted about 2 seconds. He DID NOT like the "snow balls" flying everywhere {they were nerf like balls, but whatever}. Dad showed up at just the right time and took A for a walk. About 15 minutes later, it was our turn to see Santa. P and B told him what they wanted and Santa gave them silly banz and a candy cane. Then- picture time. NOPE! Austin took one look at Santa and SCREAMED! Even with his big brothers right there, he wanted nothing to do with the man in red. So, no Santa picture for Austin this year. No problem, though. There was a year that Brendan didn't want to see Santa, either. We still had fun and Austin was fine with Santa as long as he wasn't expected to sit on his lap. ;) Maybe next year....
After the photo, we went to eat at Fish Company Restaurant- the kids ate free. It was pretty good- the scenery was the best {oh, and the bread!}.
Now I can't wait to put up our tree and decorate the outside of the house!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Denver Fire Department Museum

Kyle and I took the boys to the Denver Fire Department Museum this past week. The boys had a bLaSt! They dressed up like fire fighter's and got to play on a fire truck- what more could a boy ask for?!? ;)
We saw one of the first pump trucks and even a piece of a beam from one of the World Trade Center towers.
I've taken the boys to a few open houses that the local fire stations too, so they are pretty "fire safety" savvy. They still had fun re-learning how to "stop-drop-and-roll". Peyton also told me that we need a fire escape plan. Does he not know me at all?!? I HAVE a plan! We had to talk to him about that.

{Christmas} card photos, 11/21/2010

Let me start off by saying that it is almost impossible for me to get Kyle to participate in studio photos. He will do just about anything to get out of them, I really mean this. I had an appointment all scheduled for this past weekend, but ended up canceling it because I couldn't get the big turd to go.
He did agree to take some outdoor photos instead, which is totally fine with me. It was last minute, so I couldn't ask anyone to take these for us- it was up to our trusty tripod this time...
We drove West to Boulder because there are some really good photo spots near Chautauqua Park.
Here are the two photos that we got. Considering how cold and windy it was on Sunday, these turned out pretty good.
I ordered our {Christmas cards} today on Shutterfly. They turned out really cute. :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fall Leaves!

Ugh! I don't like raking leaves, BUT I love taking pictures of the boys playing in them. Peyton and Brendan love playing in the leaves; Austin wasn't sure about it at first, though... He played for a bit, then took off. ;) I managed to get a few cute shots before he bailed on his brothers...
I love Fall!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

HaLlOwEeN weekend FUN!!

We took the boys to Boo at the Zoo on Saturday for trick or treating and zoo fun. They got quite a bit of candy and we saw all the animals we wanted- they were all checking out the little goblins walking around. P and B were both scary this year...man, they are growing up! Peyton was a skeleton and Brendan was the scary scream man. Then there was my little monkey. :) He was so adorable in his costume walking around the zoo, with his little tail and fat, little belly. I can't believe it's his 2nd Halloween already. Seriously?!?
So, here are a few pics of the boys at Boo at the Zoo...and the animals at the Denver Zoo. You decide which is which...:)

After the zoo, the boys took me to Jack n Grill for burgers. They've been there with Dad but it was my first trip. The burgers are huge! Kyle and I split one and the boys split one. Yikes!
I took a picture (of a PICTURE) of Adam from Man vs. Food- he did the 7 pound burrito challenge there. We saw a family of 4 order it- it is MASSIVE!


** remember, I split this with Kyle** lol

Sunday, Halloween night- we trick-or-treated in the neighborhood for a little over an hour. It got dark fast! I didn't take any pics during the night, just one right before we left the house.
Here are my little ghouls...;)