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Sunday, February 28, 2010

no shoes, no shirt, no service....

My boys crack me up! Yesterday we went to the grocery store. I was getting Austin ready- changing his diaper, putting on pants and a shirt instead of the pj's he was wearing all day, and socks. I took him downstairs and put his cute lil shoes on his cute lil feet. Peyton walks by me and asks, "why does Austin have to wear shoes?" My reply, "we are going to the store". He thought for a few seconds and looked at me all serious and says, "oh yeah- no shoes, no shirt, no service".

Friday, February 19, 2010

sitting man and an anniversary

February 19, 2010: Austin is 6 months old. He is just starting to sit up unassisted. He wobbles a bit- but he is doing great! His favorite past time is still chewing his fists. He doesn't have any teeth yet, so I don't think he poses a threat to himself. ;)

He got a little taste of bananas- here was his reaction...

This picture is priceless. He really did like the bananas, I promise. He is doing pretty good with the spoon feeding. I'm going to do a little at a time with him.
Today was also our 1 year anniversary in our house. We have done a lot in the year that we have lived here...we've painted every room in the house except for the master bedroom and bathroom (can't decide on a color!), we ripped out the carpet in the living room and put in pergo flooring (love it!) and we've done A LOT of yard work (and we still aren't done). We've also made some pretty great memories here so far-
It was kind of funny this afternoon... It snowed all night last night and most of the day today. My husband DID NOT shovel the driveway before he went to work this afternoon. Our driveway is pretty steep and I can't make it up to the garage without sliding back down, so I had to shovel the driveway to get the van in. I was so mad and was thinking to myself, "why did we not consider the driveway when we bought this house?" I highly doubt we would have passed on this house because of the darn driveway, but on a really snowy day when the cars are sliding down the driveway- it makes me wonder....:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's day

I meant to post this yesterday- but I couldn't find the card...guess I need to get organized. That was one of my new year's resolutions. Geez- it's only Feb. 15th and I'm already falling behind.
Anyway- I make Valentine cards every year for family. This is my card for this year. The only thing that I didn't think about ahead of time was that I needed square envelopes because the card is a circle- so it required EXTRA postage. Oh well- this just meant a trip to the post office... That's what my lunch break is for at work, right?
The boys had a fun day yesterday. They got treats from mommy & daddy and grandpa & grandma sharp. After they scarfed down a bunch of chocolate- they went to play with the neighbor kids (probably eating more candy that I didn't know about).
I didn't really feel like cooking, so I took the boys to get dinner and then we went to the store to get ice cream- waffle bowls and all!
The boys fell asleep (actually, they probably passed out from a sugar rush) on the couch watching iCarly, lol. When Kyle got home- he woke them up and took them up to their room. Brendan was happy to see Daddy and tell him goodnight.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

boys and their POCKETS!

I just got a load of laundry out of the dryer and found some interesting things... 2 rocks, a green army guy, 55 cents, quite a few legos and a bouncy ball. I KNOW this is all from the same child- Brendan (aka #2). He cracks me up. He has stuff in his pockets all the time- he gets this from his daddy. Actually, I think all males do this. I find golf tees in the washer/dryer from Kyle's pockets. I always forget to check! Well, at least it keeps the laundry interesting. LOL

Monday, February 08, 2010

snow, snow go away...

It snowed ALL day today! I know it's only Februaury (and I live in CO) but STILL! I'm over the snow already. It started at the beginning of October. That is over four months now, Mother Nature.... throw us some nice Spring days soon! I am getting cabin fever on the weekends.;) There are only so many indoor places that I can take the boys. We have been playing the Wii a lot and watching movies at night. That is a lot of fun, too. I just like having choices- and in the winter, I don't! The boys aren't really into board games, Brendan always leaves if he loses. LOL We do our fair share of crafts. The boys love to paint and make Martian Matter (which we are totally out of and I cannot find it at any of the local stores- agghhhh).
Since the boys have DS's now, they play those a ton (if the neighbor kids can't come play). That just leaves me and Austin during the day while Daddy is at work. Austin doesn't like this because Mommy has too much time on her hands...to take pictures! Oh, please. Don't feel sorry for him. He loves it. He smiles his big baby smile every time. He is a great baby model! ;) I have a ton of pictures to prove it. I think the older two are so happy that Austin is their "fall guy". Keeps my camera out of their faces!
So- for Austin's sake, Mother Nature, please let Spring come on already!