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Sunday, January 27, 2013

sunny and 57!

lil A and i took advantage of the beautiful jan day and headed to the zoo with some friends. we both had so much fun!
what a difference it is going to the zoo with ONE child! wow.
we loaded up the wagon with snacks and juice boxes and we were off! we saw a lot of lively animals, had ice cream (i know, i said we packed snacks. oh well) and rode the carousel.

(a few) photos from our day...

P & B decided to stay and play with their friends....big bums. ;) they missed out. when i was showing P all the photos i took, he told me he wished he would have gone. awww, he isn't too big for the zoo! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

first post of 2013!

monday, jan 21st: family day, everyone is home!
we slept in...a rare treat, and then headed to Evergreen. we stopped at Lookout Mountain on the way. views are amazing there.

we had lunch near Evergreen, at our favorite little cafe, and then drove over to the lake. our plan was to go ice skating there, however, it was SO crowded... we decided to drive down to Louisville and go ice skating there. we go to that one at least once a year...
i'm not sure what was going on, but we got a few pairs of really BAD skates. we need to just buy our own! it was fun anyway, P is getting really good. he even pulled lil A around a bit. we didn't brave skates for lil A just yet. ;)

as if we weren't cold enough from ice skating outside, we decided to walk around Old Town Arvada and get some ice cream at Scrumptious. Yum!
we walked around for a little bit and then headed over to Rock Bottom to meet some friends for dinner. Four adults, SIX kids please. ;) it was a lot of fun- the kids even got their OWN table. sweet!

such a fun day! we can't wait for daddy to get weekends OFF. so.many.plans.