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Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Steamboat} Springs, CO

So, we took a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to Steamboat on Labor Day weekend. SO worth it. It was a nice chance to get away for a few days. Plus, Steamboat is so beautiful! This was our first visit there and it was a blast. On the way- we drove through Winter Park and saw our first MOOSE! Actually, there were 2- a Mom and a baby.

We got a little worried when we got to Steamboat and couldn't find a hotel with a vacancy. Oops! We drove to 4 different places and NO luck. We were told the Sheraton had vacancies, so we headed there. With luck, they had one room available. Geez. It was DOUBLE what we wanted to pay, but it was either that or sleeping in the van. ;) The hotel was super nice, though. The boys loved the pool! That's all that mattered.
So- after we got the hotel situated, we went for a short hike. The weather was PERFECT. I bet we walked for at least 3 miles.
After the hike, we ventured downtown. We went into a few of the little shops and then settled on a place to eat- Steamboat Smokehouse. Yup, barbecue! ;) It was really good, too. We were stuffed!
More shopping after dinner- then back to the hotel for some...sleep? Nope. Austin had other plans- keeping Mom up for the night. He did not like his pack n play and I couldn't let him cry it out....so, he was in bed with Mom & Dad. That didn't work out so well. He couldn't get comfortable and I couldn't get comfortable... It was NOT a good night. At least the bed and pillows were comfortable...

Sunday morning, SWIMMING! The boys had a blast in the hotel pool. They swam for a little over an hour- then we got ready to go for our second hike- up Fish Creek Falls. Let me just say, it is beautiful there. The boys and I hiked up the falls while Daddy stayed with a sleepy Austin. After the boys got the climbing out of their system, we hiked a little up the trail.

After our hike, we went back downtown to get ice cream sodas from Lyon Drugstore. Yum.
Awesome trip.

Thursday, September 02, 2010