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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

I have NO idea where he got this from...and yes, his "phone" is a calculator. :)

Beating the Summer heat

Yes- it gets hot in CO. It reached 90 today so the boys and I decided to visit the new aquatic center in our area, and it was FuN!! There are 2 water slides, a lazy river, a dive pool, a basketball pool and a zero depth entry splash pool. For $12.50, we had an awesome afternoon. The boys loved the slides and Austin and I loved the lazy river and the splash pool. We ran in to a few friends there as well.
I love that this is open now- I'm sure we will be frequent swimmers there this Summer!
I used my waterproof camera bag again and got some cute pictures in the water...I love this bag!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our {Summer} so far...and Texas

The boys have been out for a month so far and we have done so much!
We just got back from a week long vacation in Texas- visiting family and friends in the Dallas area AND the Austin area, plus we squeezed a trip in to Schlitterbahn! What fun!
Let me back up a bit, though...
Since the beginning of Summer break- the boys have been outside pretty much all day everyday playing with the neighborhood kiddos. When do we actually "lose" this energy?? ;) They ride bikes, scooters and skateboards and have even set up a lemonade (lemonaid, as Peyton spelled it!) stand. Hey, they didn't do too bad- they made $8. I may have two little businessmen on my hands.
P and B also had a campout in our backyard a few weeks ago. They played out in the backyard until dark then went in the tent and played their DSi's. LOL. Well, okay, maybe it wasn't a "campout" so much as just sleeping in the tent in the backyard. :) They had fun regardless. The next day, we tried this new pizza place near our house- it was yummy!
Now- on to our trip to Texas!
It was just me and the 3 boys; Kyle just returned to work after being on paid leave for 10 months, so needless to say, he wasn't ready for a vacation from work.
My aunt and her family were visiting the Austin area, so I wanted our trip to coincide with hers. We had a blast with them!
First, we visited Dallas- to see Kyle's parents and brother. I also got to see my friend Meghan. While we were there, we went to Legoland at Grapevine Mills- the boys loved that place. We also did a little shopping in Allen, ate at Gloria's and had fun at the splash park near the shops in Allen. As we always do, we crashed the Villa's backyard to use their "ool". ;) No P, get it?! Oh, we also played Bean Bag Toss with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Nathan. That was some fun- and Grandpa is addicted. He went out and bought one after we left.
Monday through Friday, we were in the Austin area. We always stay with my Grandfather in Cedar Park. Man, that area has changed soooo much since I lived there! Crazy!
We swam A LOT in his pool; Reita and Shawn made awesome frozen margaritas. We spend a little while shopping at the Co-op while there and Austin and I went with Reita to visit my great grandmother. I love her so much. That visit was hard because she doesn't know who anyone is. So very different from last Summer. :(
I had dinner with some of my friends from high school- at Waterloo Ice House. That is always fun catching up with them. It was hard to really talk to some of them since I had Austin, so I won't be bringing kiddos with me next time! We even forgot to take a group pic this time! Bummer.
The next day was Schlitterbahn! Reita, Gunnar, Peyton, Brendan, Jenny and I had an awesome day. I took a ton of pictures- I found a waterproof case for my camera, I was set! ;) That thing is great! We went on just about every slide there, and some we did twice! This was P and B's first trip to the New Braunfels' Schlitterbahn. Peyton has been to the one in South Padre, but he was one!
Thursday was more swimming, followed by a (short) visit to see Grandma Singleton. After that, we were off to Killeen to see my cute lil nephew, and his mom and dad. LOL. The boys played and played with cousin Deacon. It really is exhausting just watching them.
Friday we went to Fort Hood- where uncle Jason works- to one of the museums there. The boys saw army tanks, helicopters and jeeps. Peyton was the most excited. I took a ton of pictures, there, too. I got a really good one of all the boys together. I love that they got to spend time together to get to know Deacon. We had a really good visit with my mom that day. I think the boys wore her out, too. ;) We spent the rest of the day at Paula's house just hanging out, playing Yahtzee and watching all the boys be silly.
Let me just tell you how tired I was by the time we got home on Saturday. I made it back to Denver from Killeen in 16 hours- and boy was I beat! I think after a week of being home, I am finally recovered fully. Our road trip was uneventful, thank goodness! Austin was much better in the van than last year. He started melting down an hour before we got there and again an hour before we got home, but I could handle that. It's asking a lot for a toddler to be in a carseat for that long- even with stops every 3-4 hrs. Thank goodness for portable DVD players!!!!
Some pictures from our trip--