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Sunday, April 25, 2010

busy, busy, busy and a county fair...

now that p and b are in soccer, our days are busy. they both have practice twice a week and games on saturdays- all at different times, of course! it can be tiring! i think that's part of the reason i didn't have any energy this weekend. i took two naps yesterday! ;)
no pics yet of them playing- i forgot my camera during their first games. :( i will post some pics of them next week showing their soccer skills.
anyway, since the games were cancelled yesterday due to the freak snow we got on Friday, we got to go to the county fair at school. it was pretty fun. there were a lot of games to play, a cake walk, face painting, a jump house and even a jail. the boys got thrown in it, too! ;) one of peyton's friends threw him in and i paid to get brendan thrown in. it was funny. they also both won little cakes at the cake walk. they came home with so much sugar and little toys, it was a little too much. i didn't have my camera- but i took a few pics on my phone (good thing it takes decent pics!).
so- i {thought} this weekend was going to be a quiet one with the games being cancelled, but it really wasn't. yesterday we went to the fair and did a little shopping and today peyton had a birthday party. brendan felt a little left out, so i treated him to lunch. i let him pick the place, anywhere BUT mcdonalds... he picked dairy queen. what a cheap date! ;) seriously- lunch and ice cream for both of us under $10! that's my boy! oh- and austin likes him some ice cream, too. i think i've created a monster...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

{productive weekend}

let me just say that i didn't get everything accomplished on my list, BUT i got a lot of it done. i am so impressed with myself- especially with 3 kids running around. okay- austin isn't running around, however, he is CRAWLING! yup- that's right! he's crawling. he started this past week, like a scoot and crawl mix. he is so cute. this weekend, though, he was full on crawling. yay! i so need to baby-proof now. that's going on the list for next weekend. **side note- not sure when i started making lists or who i inherited this from, but i LOVE lists. i make them for everything.**
anyway- back to what i did this weekend...
saturday, i took the boys to lowe's for the build and grow project. it was their first time and they loved it. they made a baseball game and got to hammer nails and everything. now they both want to work at lowe's. they love the apron they got and wore it the rest of the day. they got a certificate and a patch for their apron for completing the project.

after that, i picked up a few things there and at michaels. we came back home and i started my projects. i got some spray paint and started transforming some old frames and a vanity stool for my bathroom. i also painted a few old iron candle holders. that was a lot of fun! my bathroom is going to look awesome when i'm done! ;) i finally finished painting the bathroom. only took 3 weeks! lol. i was up until almost 2am saturday painting, putting the light switches back on, towel bars back up and touch-up painting. i also hung two shelves in there. NICE! it is coming together. i'm not done yet, but it is SO close. (pictures to come after completion)
the next room on my agenda is my bedroom. kyle and i need to decide on a color first, though. (and he has to tape up the walls again! i hate that part of painting)
today, the boys played outside the majority of the day. i spray painted some more (until i ran out!) and made a leash holder for katie.

i also took some really {cute} pictures of austin! what weekend would be complete without new pics of him?!?

ohhh- also, a BIG feat....i organized ALL my pictures on my laptop and cleared my camera! SWEET! i haven't done that in so long! that took a while....but SO worth it!
wow, i'm tired.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

{Easter 2010}

today was nice- we are all starting to feel better now, which is wonderful!
we decorated eggs last night for the Easter bunny to hide. i found a monster egg decorating kit at Target and the boys were excited about that! ;)
they turned out really cute, too.
this morning, they woke up to baskets full of fun stuff. after breakfast, Peyton & Brendan hunted for the eggs. Austin was happy to just play with the empty plastic eggs.
i had a few of the plastic eggs on the floor and Austin wanted them so bad. he is SO close to crawling. right now, he does the little inch worm thing. he made it to the eggs he had his eye on, too. i took a few pictures of him doing this. he was so cute!

i hope everyone had a great Easter with their family and friends!

spring break?

isn't spring break supposed to be a BREAK? it started out great! kyle's parents drove up from Dallas. they arrived on Saturday afternoon and stayed through Thursday morning. we did some shopping, the boys went golfing with grandpa & daddy, we made lots of good food at home (thanks, grandma!!) and played a lot of cards. we even drove to Evergreen on Wednesday for a walk and a little shopping and drove to Frisco (near Breckenridge) for lunch at Backcountry Brewery. all was great up until this point!
THEN- the strep happened!
i got sick on Wednesday night. went to the dr. on Thursday (strep).....then Brendan got sick on Friday (strep). our pediatrician wanted to see Austin because he hadn't been eating a lot....and guess what?? strep AND an ear infection! my poor little baby! he was so uncomfortable. :(
his first sickness and it's a double whammy! the pediatrician couldn't believe the test came back positive- he had only seen one strep case in a baby that young before....yep- just our luck!
just when i thought it was over, Peyton woke up Saturday morning with a fever and a sore throat. come on! kyle took him to urgent care and it was confirmed...strep. surprise, surprise.
i wish our pediatrician could have tested Peyton on Friday with Brendan & Austin, but he wasn't showing symptoms and the dr. was worried about a false negative test result.
wow! what an end to spring break! at least we got to see grandma & grandpa sharp. that was an unexpected surprise! (and so was strep!- i just wanted to say it one last time....lol)

Austin with Reggie, Grandpa & Grandma with the boys and us!