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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Rockies} baseball, 05/16/2011

Colorado Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants-- Monday, May 16th @ 6:40pm- Coors Field, Denver

"We get Tacos!" The Rockies won 7-4. The rule is, if the Rockies score 7 runs or more, everyone gets free tacos the next day. Not sure why the boys were so excited about that, but they were...LOL

We had a blast at the game! It was a nice night- no rain and in the high 50's. AND the ROCKIES won! :D

Over the Summer break, we are taking a tour of the ballpark!

picnik pics

I use picasa if I want to alter or crop any of my photos-- and I was playing around with picnik last night...
The results:


**I told you this was one of my favorite pics of the boys....;)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brendan's Field trip to the Zoo!

The last field trip of the school year...the Denver Zoo.
I try and volunteer a few times a year in each of the boys' classes. This year I didn't have the opportunity to help out with anything in Peyton's class- except for providing supplies for parties and such. Brendan's class had 2 field trips this year and the date of the zoo worked with my schedule, so here we are.
There were 5 parent volunteers for each of the 2nd grade classes (4 classes total). Getting 2 school buses loaded was a chore- and we hadn't even left school property yet. One parent said, "it is Friday the 13th, what did we sign up for??" LOL. The trip went very smoothly, though, and it was a lot of fun. 2nd graders are hilarious.
We got to the zoo at 9:30 and basically did whatever we wanted until 11:35, when the kids attended a "World Biomes" class. So, my group of 3- Brendan, Vanessa and Jessica- headed to the animal nursery. We had a list of all the recent births in the zoo and the girls of the group couldn't wait to see the recently hatched baby turtles {me included!}. On the way to the nursery, we saw the Bighorn Sheep lamb. The whole family was together.

After their class- we headed over to Tropical Discovery to see the fish, turtles and snakes. This is one of my favorite spots at the zoo. The frogs, fish and turtles are so fun to see...

<-- looking at the kimono dragon.

We saw a lot of animals- including multiple sightings of the wild peacocks roaming the zoo and 3 seals playing in the water. The kids got to touch a real Tiger hide and see the Penguin feeding.
On the way to the buses I asked what their favorite part of the trip was and Jessica shouted "the giraffes", Vanessa shouted "the baby turtles" and Brendan shouted "all of it".
Then on the bus Vanessa said to me, "Mrs. Sharp, you are very nice". Ahhh, what a sweet child.

Saturday Snapshot

Peyton's 1st attempt at changing his baby bro's diaper....I couldn't stop laughing. I had to chase Austin down to get a picture- even he knew the diaper was on wrong. :)

How did he even get this diaper on backwards anyway???
I was very surprised that Peyton even agreed to change Austin's diaper. He did make sure it was "just a wet one". :)

we have a SHOE thief!

This kid loves to wear shoes and it doesn't matter if they are his or Daddy's (or Mommy's). He loves them all...

<-- a little blurry, my phone can't keep up with his fast moves.
*I didn't realize how many pictures I had of lil A wearing Daddy's shoes until I scrolled through my phone. Ha!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day weekend, 5/7 and 5/8

The weather could not have been nicer this weekend! This also happened to be Kyle's last weekend off for a while. We took full advantage!
Saturday we went on a hike in Boulder- Walker Ranch. This was a 2 mile hike and the perfect distance for us right now with Austin still being so young. He was in the carrier {on my back} for 3/4ths of the hike, too. The little guy started out strong, but when he was done, that was it. He sat down on the trail and said "no more". LOL.

We stopped and rested at the water for about 45 minutes. We had lunch and just relaxed. Let me tell you how calming that was- just listening to the sound of the water rushing by. I wished I had a book with me! Peyton & Brendan took their shoes off and played in the COLD water and Austin, well, he didn't feel the need to take his shoes off before entering the water. ;)

I took a really cute picture of the boys while we were at the water. It is one of my {favorites} now.
And this is kind of a favorite, too...{awww}.

And let me just say that Austin and I were the first ones to make it to the finish line- we even beat Brendan!

On Sunday, Mother's Day, we drove up to Evergreen- one of our favorite places in CO- and had a picnic lunch at the park. We had our blanket laid out, our new bean bag game set up and we were right next to the playground and the river- the perfect spot {and a perfect temp. at a cool 74!}.

*these boys can't stay out of the water...;)
Needless to say, we had a pretty fun-filled weekend.
I hope all the Mom's had a great Mother's Day!