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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

My little bubby in a big boy swing all by himself! He has loved swings from the beginning. This kid is a swinging fool. ;) He still needs me to push him, though, so not too much of a big boy just yet...

School has started (again)....

First week down and the boys have had a great start. They both really like their teachers and each have a few classmates from last year in their class again.
Peyton is starting block scheduling this year- he is happy about that. Funny fact: Peyton's teacher lives 3 houses down from us! Ha! This should be interesting...
Brendan has a male teacher this year, which he is totally excited about. He wanted a "boy" teacher. LOL

The boys are excited about Back to School Skate Night this coming Monday night! And, of course, the return of Kids Nite Out in 2 weeks (which Mom is even MORE excited about!).

Here's to a GREAT 2011-2012 school year!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A visit from my sister and brother!

Not only did we have a 2nd Birthday party this past Saturday, but my sister and brother in law drove up from Texas- with my nephew and brother in tow! We had so much fun together! They got here Friday night before the party and stayed through Wednesday morning.
My sister insisted on doing "outdoor" things, since Texas has been having really hot Summer days lately. We went on a hike on Sunday- Chautauqua Park in Boulder. What fun! We hiked up to the flatirons and saw an amazing view from the "top". ;) It started raining on us on the way down and man was that refreshing. Despite the rainfall, Austin fell asleep in the backpack! What a crazy kid!
After the hike, we needed refueling. Beaujo's Pizza it is! Paula and JD ordered other plates, but everyone else had the mountain pie! It did NOT disappoint! YUM! After pizza, we headed to Pearl Street Mall. The little boys ran through the splash pad for a bit, we heard a band playing at the courthouse and saw a few random street performers. P & B bought yo-yo's; this occupied their time for the afternoon.
Monday we visited the Denver Zoo. A lot of fun- a little warmer than Sunday...but still nice. We spent a few hours at the zoo then headed over to City Park for a picnic and play time. I got some cute shots of the boys playing, all the cousins together and even a sibling shot of me, Paula and JD. We haven't had a picture together since JD was a lil guy! Very special!
We planned on swimming for Tuesday, but lil D came down with a fever on Monday night, so we settled for some {last minute school} shopping instead. Lil D rested at home with daddy.
I think Kyle and I got Jason, Paula and JD a little addicted to Bean Bag Toss. We played on Saturday after the party and I know a few more times during their stay. It is a fun game! Good Christmas present idea?!
Paula, Jason, Deacon and JD: we had a blast! I'm so happy you all came to visit and I'm looking forward to our next one!! There are still a few places on our list, remember??

Austin is {2}!!!

I say this all the time- and it's TRUE! This is going by too fast! I cannot believe that my little bubby is two! We had his party last weekend while my sister and brother in law (nephew and brother, too) were in town visiting. We had a blast- Austin loved it. We had a splash themed Mickey party. Turkey/Italian party subs, chips, mac salad and fruit skewers were on the menu... I attempted to make the cake myself- my own design- and it turned out great! :) I was SO happy!
Austin did great opening his presents. He was ready to rip into the paper. He finally got his bubble mower! ;) He also got a power wheels 4 wheeler from Grandpa and Grandma Sharp. Yay! He {loves} all of his new toys!
Austin was really shy when we sang "happy birthday"- and he didn't want to blow out his candle... Good thing his cousin Deacon was here to help out. LOL.

Some new things that Austin has started doing lately:
- he tries to mimick everything we do/say! It is hilarious!
- he points out all the animals and cars/trucks/airplanes/trains that he sees out his window while we are in the car! ALL of them!
- he does NOT want to sit in his high chair anymore. Really? Our table only seats 4, so this is a problem. I guess we'll be going table shopping soon.
-he is starting to sing along to songs I sing to him. So cute!
- he LOVES books! Especially ones with trucks, motorcycles, etc. Yup- he's all boy!
- he is talking so much more; it's like the gates finally opened.

Austin's well check is on the 23rd, so I will update all his stats then!
**update: Lil A weighs 26 lbs. (35th percentile) and is 33 1/4 inches tall (20th percentile). He's developing very well! Had to get two shots, so that part wasn't fun, but no nasty reactions. All clear until age 3!


hApPy BiRtHdAy, AUSTIN!!! We love you!!!!