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Sunday, March 28, 2010

boys and their {thoughts}....

fun with sidewalk chalk....lol

it finally made an appearance!

Austin's first tooth popped through on Friday {26th}. It is so cute! ;) He has been really fussy lately and chewing on EVERYTHING (even my purse strap). He finally has a tooth!

Monday, March 22, 2010

they're {crafty}

**i got this idea from a friend's blog (thanks, jules!)**
the boys made magnets this weekend and here are the finished projects. we made them out of wooden letters and decorated with paint, pom poms, googly eyes and a few buttons. they will be hanging out on the fridge for a while!

it's hard to find things that they actually want to make now- they ARE 7 and 8, and {boys}. ;)

they did a good job with these... if you look closely at the 'p', you will see the little button "shoes" and the 'b' has a cute soft, puffy smile! lol

Friday, March 19, 2010

{austin} at 7 months

sweet, sweet baby,

first off, i cannot believe that you are already seven months old. this month flew by! you are such an amazing little boy. you have mastered sitting up and you are actually really close to crawling. i think it's because your brothers move so fast- you feel the need to keep up. please don't. you have plenty of time for that. ;) some things that you've done this month: started eating baby food {fav. is bananas and you HATE peas- i have a funny picture to prove it!}, you roll over ALL THE TIME! {tummy to back & back to tummy}, you "scoot" to move around when you are on the floor, you started moving around in your walker and you love walks around the neighborhood in your stroller {although the weather keeps tricking us- warm one day and snow the next}. you are still such a good sleeper. you love your turtle night light that shines stars on your ceiling. you have the cutest {giggle}! we all love it and try so hard to get you to do it more. just this week, your brothers and i were on the couch with you and we had you laughing so hard. it was the cutest thing. i was making kissing noises at you and you thought it was hilarious! :)

you have no teeth yet, and no signs of any in the near future. that is one of the things i don't want to forget about this age- the {toothless, gummy grins}! AND open-mouth kisses from you. that, and your chubby little baby fingers. now that i'm thinking about it, your feet are quite chubby and cute, too! i can't resist kissing those feet after your bath, either. that also makes you giggle; you are extremely ticklish {you get this from daddy, you'll see}. i love that you let me sing to you and that you will sit still for a minute or two to let me read to you before bedtime. i know that is asking a lot out of an infant, so thank you {i also know it helps to show you the pictures}.
you also have this talent: you are crying one second and the next you are laughing. it is very musing.

happy 7 month birthday, austin! i love you, little bug.

p.s.- B is already trying to protect you from getting hurt. ;) they both love you SO much!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Kiss Me for Good Luck" baby- how can you resist! ;)

I wanted to show off Brendan's last minute Leprechaun trap project. We started it at 7pm last night, even though he found out about it on Friday. He's only in first grade- I thought the procrastination on school projects started in later years!
He did a really good job on it. He was up past his bedtime, but he was so excited about taking it to school this morning that it didn't matter.
He asked me this morning "Is there a leprechaun in it yet?" LOL.

I hope everyone has a fun day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

no more {EXCUSES}!

I finally got an elliptical! I've been looking on craigslist for about a month and I finally found one. It was right here in our town- about a mile away. This baby is going to be used and abused (I'm hoping!). It will be moved to my room as soon as Kyle gets home. Bassinet OUT, ELLIPTICAL in!

It was a busy week at the Sharp house. The boys had student-led conferences. They both did great. Peyton has been a strong reader from the beginning. Brendan, however, was a little slower learning- but, WOW! He blew us away with his mad reading skills. And spelling- man, can that boy spell! He is just surprising us a lot lately. Brendan can usually even spell Peyton's word list, including some of the 3rd grade challenge words. B is also REALLY digging football. He tosses the ball around whenever he gets the chance. First grade has been a HUGE year for him so far!
Peyton is doing well in school, too. Third grade has been a bit challenging for him, but he is managing to learn a thing or two. It is amazing how different these two boys are, and yet similar in certain ways.
P FINALLY got a haircut. He has been liking the "skater" look, but the parents decided a cut was due...;) Here is the new Peyton look...

It is a HUGE difference from this (showing off his first report for school- on the planet Jupiter):

Did I say "skater" look?? I meant "TREE HUGGIN' HIPPIE" look! lol

Monday, March 08, 2010

{my creative side surfaced again}

FINALLY! I haven't been able to scrapbook in a long while, so last weekend I had a few friends over and we got our {CrEaTiViTy} on! ;) It was a lot of fun just having a few girls over to hang out with. Even though the boys were home, I managed to get 8 pages done! Wow! I was on a ROLL! They were all A's, of course (I love doing baby pages!). I think I have given up on trying to do a family scrapbook. I just cannot find/make the time anymore...with 3 rugrats ruling the roost. But that's okay- I hear snapfish.com and shutterfly.com make mean photo books. I just might have to try that- considering I haven't done anything with our pictures since 2007! Oh, I started on 2008, but it's NEVER going to get finished. I should accept it and move on....put those pictures in a (don't say it!) photo album. ;) Hey, it's WAY better than a box (MOM).
Here are a few pages from A's book...simple BUT cute!

Saturday, March 06, 2010


our first family photos with our newest addition --only took 6 months!

Friday, March 05, 2010

{so many fish}

the boys had today off from school so i planned a fun day for the 4 of us (poor daddy misses all the FUN). we started out at krispy kreme- yum!. then we were off to our destination...the downtown aquarium.
the boys love going there and it's been a while since we had been (school field trips last year). there is a 3-d spongebob ride at the aquarium right now- they boys were pumped about that! we all did that- austin hated it! they disabled our chair, but i underestimated the volume of the show. wow! it was pretty loud! so i had one of my "mother of the year" moments- taking my infant in a too loud theater. well, at least it wasn't a long ride!

can i just tell you that austin LOVED the aquarium! he was so aware of everything. he couldn't get enough of the fish. he was mesmerized! aside from the fish- the boys climbed the coconut trees and pet the stingrays at stingray cove. peyton even fed them. brendan- well, he preferred to observe that part. ;)

i let the boys do the 3-d ride again- i waited outside this time with sensitive ears (see, i learn)- then we went to lunch. i think there is only one Fuddruckers here in CO. I love it. The burgers are so good {this really was NOT a good weight watchers points day, oops}. peyton & i had cheeseburgers and bren had a hotdog (really, kid? what's up with all the dogs? he loves those).

i had a great day with my boys today. they had a lot of fun- AND BONUS for them! it is "kids night out" tonight! yay! as peyton said earlier..."this is the best day EVER!"

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

if babies could talk....

"Why must you keep taking pictures, Mom?"